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Friday, May 05, 2006

Summer heat!

Everytime I go out into the sunlight, I feel the stinging sensation of summer heat on my skin. It exhausts me to just think of the heat. Summertime is nature's poltergeist in constant mischief, deviously making us stay indoors, an arm's length away from an electric fan or aircondition unit.

Tempers rise in direct proportion to the electric bill and the size of traffic jams. Bottomless iced teas are the jeepneys of thirst -- ubiquitous, offering speedy relief, and able to stop and go at will. Water is still the best antidote to heat. By mid-day, one craves for the coolness of sudden rainfall, and prays that a white, puffy cloud would burst open like heaven's water tank to drench the city, green the leaves, cool the concrete, and settle our nerves.


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