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Writings of Susan Ople aka Toots, columnist of Panorama Magazine and Tempo, proud mother of Estelle and 7 dogs, namely, Picasso, Monet, Suzy, Miggy, Marty, Chandler and Joey. Daughter of the late war veteran, journalist, writer, labor minister, constitutional commissioner, senator, senate president, and foreign affairs secretary Blas F. Ople aka Ka Blas.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Pretty in Pink!

Fickle-minded me has decided to maintain two blogs after discovering this blogger template. Pretty in pink, isn't it? My scarlet wordpress blog (www.susanople.com) is my official home, but this site -- frilly, fancy, flaky and deliciously candy-colored -- shall be my cyber condominium. Two blogs, two homes. The blogosphere provides the space for free, for fickle-minded me. How lucky am I?


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